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Greetings Trinity Family!


I want to start by thanking all of you for your tremendous support and resilience as we go through the transition process for the new provost. The Bishop is working closely with the Chapter to find qualified candidates in the quickest time frame possible. The selection of the leader of any church is among the most important decisions we can make as a chapter and laity, and we intend to engage that process with the necessary amount of intention and respect to find the provost we deserve.


Regarding the redevelopment of the parish hall and diocesan office, we are closer than ever to the demolition, and we need to start preparing the cathedral community for the ways it will affect our church life. We have scheduled special presentations on the demolition process and cathedral impacts after the 10AM and 12:15PM services on Sunday, Aug 14th. The first will be in English and the second will be in Spanish. If you have questions or concerns about how the demolition will be conducted or how it will change the ways we interact with the cathedral grounds, please do your best to attend one of these presentations. 


Thank you!



Sr. Warden


  August 2022  
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