Thank you for being a part of our life together at Trinity Cathedral. I hope that you find being a part of this unique community as meaningful and spirit filling as I do. Did you know that our attendance and programming continues to grow every year? That our Anglican Chorale and Cathedral Choir are recognized as some of the best in the area? That this year for the first time we hosted an ‘Organ Scholar’ under the tutelage of Matthew Steynor, our Director of Music? Trinity Cathedral is becoming one of the preeminent Cathedrals in the Episcopal Church, and a center for worship and music in South Florida.

But in addition to these ‘traditional’ Cathedral roles we are rapidly expanding our outreach to new communities in Miami. Due to a generous grant from the Knight Foundation we have launched the ‘MiamiMade’ Concert Series – featuring music from jazz, to electronica, to indie rock. We have enhanced our partnership with Empowered Youth and are helping them launch a public garden and café in Wynwood. We have been expanding initiatives focused on care for the environment and advocacy and support for the LGBT community. Our new running community, Team Trinity, is bringing a new and exciting dynamic to our Cathedral life. We have also been expanding our outreach ministries in support of Amistad Apartments – a transitional housing program for homeless families in order to demonstrate our commitment to transformational ministries.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about the direction that the Cathedral is moving. This year’s ‘With God’s Help’ budget is a powerful statement about where this Cathedral can go with the support of our members and supporters in the next year. I hope you are inspired by where we are going and about the increases in funding for welcome and engagement, outreach, worship, and Christian formation in the next calendar year.

I would like to invite you to make a pledge this year to support the Cathedral. Start where you are comfortable, for many people pledging for the first time is a strange experience! But know you will be joining more than 200 other people who help drive our Cathedral forward every day. This year we are encouraging people like yourself to pledge for the first time, or the first time in a long time. 

Can you help us make some of these dreams a reality?